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Nothing…LIVE: Friday, Dec 11th with Joan Tollifson



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Nothing...LIVE Free Nonduality Meetings with Guest Speakers


Friday, December 11 @ 5PM UTC

GUEST: Joan Tollifson


About Joan

Joan Tollifson is a life-long explorer of the ever-changing, ever-present living reality Here-Now. Her bare-bones approach is open, direct, immediate, down-to-earth and rooted in the ever-fresh aliveness of present experiencing and aware presence.

Joan’s main teacher was Toni Packer, a former Zen teacher who left that tradition behind to work in a simpler and more open way. Joan spent time with many other teachers as well, exploring Buddhism, Advaita and radical nonduality, but she does not identify with or represent any particular tradition.

Joan holds meetings and is the author of five books: Death: The End of Self-Improvement; Nothing to Grasp; Painting the Sidewalk with Water: Talks and Dialogs about Nonduality; Awake in the Heartland: The Ecstasy of What Is; and Bare-Bones Meditation: Waking Up from the Story of My Life.

Past Meetings

Friday, October 23rd @ 5PM UTC


About Rose

Rose is a speaker about non duality.

Her talks are just describing what is. They do not give any direction nor anything of value, everything is already complete as it is.

The abstract mind with an illusory me seems to create a real world with individuals.

It is just a dream.

Friday, November 13 @ 6PM UTC

GUESTS: Andreas Müller & Justin Allen




This meeting will include Justin Allen and Andreas Müller about so-called “non-duality” (No-Point Perspective) with no spiritual, religious or scientific intentions. 

No-Point Perspective (Book)

Friday, November 27 @ 5PM UTC

GUEST: Ella May Sophia


About Ella

Ella is a speaker about what already simply is, she speaks about what some people call Non-duality, but there really is no such thing, how can there be non-duality if there is not duality? 

Life is happening in its own way, not by design or in any order, it’s the most beautiful chaos. Ella points to the freedom that already is. It’s so natural, it’s how it’s always been. She can be very direct and does not leave any place new to rest in this revealing. It’s much more free even than the idea of being free. 

Ella has spoken in Italy, London and online and gives private sessions to anyone who wants to speak to her directly. 

She is also a poet and a lover of life, nature and loves cooking, walking and travelling.

...NEW Friday, December 4 @ 5PM UTC

GUEST: Neil Denham

Nothing...NEW Guest: Neil Denham

About Neil

This is a rare and radical communication which comes out of no-thing.

There is nothing on offer here of any use to the seeker. Therefore, there is nothing that needs to be learned or understood in this message. It is simply a description of what becomes apparent when the seeker suddenly disappears.

With the dying of the “self”, “liberation” is revealed as a freedom far beyond the dreamed reality of the individual.

This freedom hides by already being everything, which includes the experience of not being free and the seeking for itself.



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